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 Courses  Course Contents  Duration
C.C.A Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS-DOS, Word, Excel, Power Point & Internet. 2 Months
MS - Office Computer Fundamentals, Windows, MS-DOS, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access & Internet. 3 Months
D.C.A CCA Contents, C Programming, Internet & Web Designing with HTML 6 Months
P.G.D.C.A MS- Office, Leap Office, DTP, Tally-9.0, Photoshop, C, C++ Programming Language, VB, Internet & Web Designing, HTML, Hardware (DCH Contents) 12 Months
D.T.P Computer Fundamentals, MS-Word, Corel Draw, Adobe Page Maker, Leap Office (Assamese, Hindi & Bengali Typing), Photoshop 3 Months
Advance D.T.P. + CCA Contents, DTP Contents, Printing & Writing (CD,DVD, Pen-Drive) Tally-9.0 6 Months
C.P.A.C. (Computer Professional Accounting Course) CCA Contents, Leap Office, (Assamese, Hindi & Bengali Typing), Manual Accounting with  Tally-9.0 4 Months
D.C.H (Hardware) Basic Electronics, PC Fundamentals, Assembling of  PC, Installation of software, DOS & Internet. 3 Months
A.D.C.H (Hardware) DCH Contents, Linux, Lan, Computer Architecture, Trouble Shooting, DOS, Networking, Multimedia, Internet with CPU, UPS,Printer Servicing 6 Months


D.O.M. (Diploma in Office Management) Ms - Office, Internet and Web designing, Spoken English, Personality Development. 6 Months
A.D.O.M. (Advanced Diploma in Office Management) Ms - Office, DTP, Photoshop, Tally ERP-9.0, Internet and Web designing, Spoken English, Personality Development, Project Work 12 Months
C.W.D. (Certificate in web designing) Computer Fundamentals, HTML, DHTML, Frontpage, JavaScript 3 Months
C.B.E. (Certificate in Basic Electronics) Introduction to Electricity & Electronics current, Voltage, Resistance, Wattage, AC & DC supply, different components of electronics, use of analog and digital multimeter, Type of power supply and its working. 3 Months
C.C.P.A. (Certificate in Computer Professional Accounting) computer Fundamentals, MS Excel, Manual Accounting with Tally ERP - 9.0. 3 Months
D.C.P.A. Professional Accounting MS - Office, LEAP Office (Assamese, Hindi & Bengali Typing), Manual Accounting with Tally ERP - 9.0, Printing, Writing. 6 Months
D.I.M. (Diploma in Multimedia) Computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Computer Fonts & HyperText, Audio, Multimedia Fundamentals & representation, Image Fundamental & representation, Video Editing & Animation. 6 Months
D.I.G.D. (Diploma in Graphic Designing) computer Fundamentals, Introduction to Adobe PageMaker, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop (Use of Tools, Menus, Layers, Designing) 3/4 Color Separation/Adjustment, Font Design. 6 Months
C.V.E. (Certificate in Video Editing) Computer Fundamentals, Apply Transaction, Sound & Music, making Still image, Video Clip, Albums, Title Effect & Application, making the Video CD, capture Source, Capture Format, Troubles, Making Videos, Handling Video Camera, Capturing Videos, Pandering. 3 Months



    Courses                                                                                                              Duration
         Regular 3 Days in a Week
MS-Word  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
MS-Excel  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
MS-Powerpoint  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
MS-Access  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
Page Maker  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
Corel Draw-5  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
Corel Draw 11/14 15 DAYS  20 DAYS
Photoshop - 7  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
Leap Office  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
Internet  10 DAYS  20 DAYS
HTML an Web page Design  15 DAYS  20 DAYS
Tally- 7.2  30 DAYS  30 DAYS
Tally- 9.0  15 DAYS  60 DAYS
C Language  15 DAYS  30 DAYS
C+ +  60 DAYS  30 DAYS
Fox Pro  20 DAYS  60 DAYS
SQL Server  30 DAYS  40 DAYS
Oracle / JAVA  30 DAYS  60 DAYS
Auto-Cad 2d /3d 30 DAYS  60 DAYS
Net Browsing 15 DAYS  30 DAYS
Computer Practice 15 DAYS  30 DAYS


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